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no Win No Fee

TRUE win more than
9 out of 10 Cases
Nobody wins more

No Win No Fee

TRUE win more than 9 out of 10 Cases

Slips, Trips & Fallsicon_Slip

Slipping, tripping and falling are highly contentious areas of Personal Injury Claims, and it’s normally the victim who’s most reluctant to pursue..

Slip Trip and Fall Claims

There’s no other area of claiming where the public is more conscious of being labelled as part of the “compensation culture” – TRUE Solicitors LLP only ever take on genuine cases stemming from genuine grievance so, if you’re with TRUE, you’ll already be confident with your right to claim because we’re confident with your right to win.

We all clearly have an inbuilt instinct to be careful and watch where we’re going; but when accidents occur due to poor maintenance of a walking surface, due to unexpected hazards being in the way or due to defective equipment, this is when the responsibility shifts from the injured party.


Public Property

Slips, trips and falls on public property are incredibly common. The definition of public property is anywhere owned by a public body such as a council or Local Authority. Therefore, if you slip, trip or fall on a pavement, in a park or your child has an accident in a council owned playpark, you will probably make a claim again the local authority responsible for it.

The Local Authority is responsible for the upkeep of all public spaces, including footpaths, pavements, roads and parks. If there is a dangerous defect in any of these spaces and you have an accident and are injured because of poor maintenance or management, you could make a claim.

Our aim is to get you the compensation you deserve because of the injuries you’ve suffered. Our accurate and honest assessment of each and every case is what allows us to win 90% of our cases – no other Personal Injury Firm wins more.

Our team of experienced Personal Injury Solicitors and Case Handlers will help you from the start to the finish of your claim. They will:

  • Arrange a specialist medical examination with one of our experts to understand your condition and its causes
  • Discuss your work history, listen carefully and answer all your questions without using jargon
  • Arrange any treatment that could help manage your condition
  • Get back any financial losses you had because of your condition, such as a prescription costs for example.

Just leave your details in the Free Claim Enquiry on the right and our Front Line Team will call you back within 2 hours. We can help you.

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Private Property

“Having my own Personal Injury Solicitor, rather than just being a file number, meant that the service was first class. I was so pleased with the care I was given – it’s daunting to claim, but I got reassurance whenever I needed it and was kept right up to date with what was happening.
Mrs. Maureen Taylor. Pontefract. Tripping Accident.

Slips, trips and falls on private property are incredibly common. An accident could happen in a shop, supermarket, or private office space, leaving you with minor injuries that clear up within a matter of weeks to longer term injuries that could take months to recover from.

Slipping, tripping or falling can be embarrassing and if you are injured as a result, this can be even more upsetting.

Our honest and accurate assessment of all the cases we take on allows us to win 9 cases out of 10 – no other Personal Injury Firm wins more. We can help you to recover more quickly by providing short-term help or longer term rehabilitation and we’ll also get you the compensation you deserve, based on the injuries you’ve suffered.

Our experienced Personal Injury Team will help you get the compensation you deserve and will be there from the start of your claim to the finish. You will be allocated a Case Handler who will:

  • Make you an appointment with a specialist medical expert to review your injuries.
  • Listen to you and answer any questions you have without using jargon
  • Arrange any treatment you may need such as Physiotherapy to help your recovery
  • Recover any lost earnings and other financial losses you’ve had because of your accident

You can trust us to get fair compensation for your injuries so leave us your details in the Free Claim Enquiry on the right and our Front Line Team will call you back within 2 hours.

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