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TRUE win more than 9 out of 10 Cases

Public Transporticon_PublicTransport

Accidents on public transport are often more complex simply because they may involve more than one person. Different perspectives and different motivations can create conflicting stories – but our only commitment is to our client, the rightful vindication and the accurate compensation due.

Public Transport Accidents

TRUE Solicitors LLP achieve fair and justified compensation for public transport accidents and subsequent injuries, managing all circumstances which may be relevant: the responsible vehicle may be uninsured, the responsible vehicle may have fled the scene or you may not have legal expenses insurance – none of these details negate your right to claim.

We’ll provide an honest appraisal of your case and fight your corner for an achievable result, taking everything into consideration on your behalf:

– Loss of financial earnings
– Vehicle damage
– Physical and psychological injury
– Rehabilitation


Bus Accidents

Serious bus and coach accidents are thankfully rare due to many reasons, such as the size of the vehicle and its average speed, however there can be many other types of bus accidents.

Accidents on buses or coaches can happen for reasons other than collisions with other vehicles. They can happen whilst getting on and off the bus, if the bus has to stop or break suddenly or for other reasons such as conflicts between passengers or poor road maintenance.

Whatever the accident circumstances, being injured in a bus accident that wasn’t your fault means that you can secure compensation to reflect your injuries.

We’ve secured accurate compensation across a number of genuine accident causes and our Personal Injury Solicitors and their teams can help you with your Compensation Claim by:

  • Arranging an appointment with a medical expert assess your injuries
  • Listening to you and your questions and providing you with clear, jargon free answers
  • Claiming for all your financial losses, such as any lost earnings for time off work for example
  • Getting you any additional treatment or physiotherapy to help you to recover

Your next step is to leave us your details in the Free Claim Enquiry on the right and our Front Line Team will call you back within 2 hours. Let us help you today.

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Metro / Train / Tube Accidents

Whilst serious accidents involving vehicles which run on tracks are few and far between, that doesn’t mean that you cannot be injured on a train. Some of the main causes of compensation claims brought by train passengers are related usually to other passengers on the train. This could be an injury caused by someone pulling the emergency cord or even conflicts between other passengers on the train encroaching onto you.

Legitimate claims are dealt with professionally and courteously by our experienced Personal Injury team and your Case Handler will work towards getting the compensation you deserve.

We will:

  • Always listen carefully to you at all times, answer your questions and only use jargon-free language when we talk to you
  • Book you an appointment for a specialist medical examination to get your injuries assessed
  • Organise Physiotherapy or other treatment you need to help your ongoing recovery.
  • Secure recompense of any financial losses, such as medication costs, treatment costs or loss of earnings.

You can fill in your details in the Free Claim Enquiry on the right and our Front Line Team will call you back within 2 hours.

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Aeroplane Accident

Most cases we see relating to aeroplane accidents happen whilst boarding and disembarking, luggage falling out from the overhead lockers or as a result of turbulence whilst flying.

Although flying is one of the safest modes of transport, there is the potential for more serious accidents, potentially causing life changing injuries or even a fatal accident. You can be sure that whatever the circumstances of the aeroplane accident, your rights are not lessened and our commitment to you remains solid.

We pursue every genuine claim with a solid sense of what’s right and just, supporting you emotionally as well as professionally.

Our experienced Personal Injury Solicitors and their teams will help you throughout the whole of your claim, from start to finish and you will be allocated a Case Handler who will:

  • Arrange a specialist medical examination to understand the extent of your injuries.
  • Discuss the accident circumstances with you, listen carefully and answer all your questions in simple language without using jargon
  • Arrange Physiotherapy or other treatment you may need to help your recovery
  • Recover lost earnings and any other financial losses you’ve had

To get fair compensation for your injuries from a firm you can trust, leave your details in the Free Claim Enquiry on the right and our Front Line Team will call you back within 2 hours.

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