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TRUE win more than 9 out of 10 Cases

True Stories

Cycle Claims
Ms. M
Cycling Accident

Cyclist awarded 15 times more than insurance companies first offer”

This case highlights the importance of getting professional legal advice and obtaining proper medical evidence before accepting an insurance company’s offer to settle.


Ms M was out enjoying an evening bike ride with her partner when she was knocked off her Felt Z90 road bike by a car that was being driven by a woman who was driving unsupervised on a provisional driving licence.


The car driver attempted to undertake a car that was stationary in the middle of the road waiting to turn right when she collided with Ms M who was cycling past the stationary car.


Ms M fell to the ground and suffered multiple cuts and bruises to her face, arms and legs, together with soft tissue injuries to her lower back and legs.


Ms M instructed True Solicitors and we notified the driver’s insurance company of our client’s injury claim and arranged for her to be examined by two medical experts; an orthopaedic expert for the soft tissue injuries and a Plastic Surgeon to assess the lacerations and scars on her face and body.


The insurance company quickly admitted liability and paid for the damaged bike and clothes, and made a derisory early offer of £1000 injury compensation.  This type of offer is often referred to as a ‘pre-medical offer’ because it is made before the claimant has obtained medical evidence, very often with the intention of settling the claim for less than its full value.


True Solicitors advised Ms M to reject the offer and, after disclosing the medical evidence, settled the injury claim for over £15,000.

Cycle Claims
Mr. P
Cycling Accident

“Cyclist Hit by Oncoming Car Turning Right Across His Path”

Manchester cyclist, Mr P, was out enjoying a Saturday morning bike ride on his Trek Madone when he was involved in an accident. He was riding across a traffic light controlled junction on a green light when a car that was travelling in the opposite direction turned right and drove into him.


Mr P was thrown from his bike and landed heavily on the road suffering soft tissue injuries to his right shoulder, elbow and thigh. The damage to his bike, which included a buckled carbon wheel, damaged derailleur and shifters, and a damaged seat, came to over £1000.


Liability was not contested as the car driver admitted he had not seen Mr P and so we set about obtaining evidence to support his injuries and losses. Soon after providing the insurance company with evidence of the damaged bike, and not more than 5 weeks after the accident, the insurance company made a global offer to settle the claim.


We advised against accepting the offer because he had not been medically examined, however Mr P accepted the offer because it fully compensated him for his losses and he simply wanted to get on with his life.

Cycle Claims
Mr. W
Cycling Accident

“Cyclist hit by car on wrong side of the road”

Welsh cyclist, Mr. W, was knocked of his Trek Domaine road bike whilst out enjoying a Sunday afternoon leisure ride. He was on a country road negotiating a sharp left hand-bend when he was confronted by an on-coming vehicle on his side of the road. He reacted quickly by swerving to the right to avoid a head-on collision but went over the handlebars as he braked to avoid a stone wall.


He landed heavily on the road and sustained a badly broken collar bone and a minor head injury (that he admits would have been much more serious had he not been wearing a helmet) and required hospital treatment and physiotherapy.


Mr. W instructed True Solicitors after his first solicitor was unable to make any progress with the claim. Unbelievably the car driver’s insurance company denied responsibility and alleged Mr. W caused the accident by going too fast and losing control of his bike!


True Solicitors have years of experience dealing with bike accident claims and knew Mr. W was not at fault however the other drivers insurance company continued to deny liability.


We agreed to act and not long after doing so secured an admission of liability together with compensation to cover Mr. W’s injuries, his lost earnings, damaged bike, and replacement helmet and cycle wear.

Cycle Claims
Mr. Y
Cycling Accident

“Victim of Road Rage” 

Mr Y was cycling home from work when he became the victim of an apparent road rage incident. Mr. Y was in a cycle lane when a car that was travelling in the same direction tried to run him off the road. The car driver slowed down and pulled alongside Mr Y before turning into him and forcing him into a collision with a parked car.


As a result of the accident Mr. Y sustained a fractured wrist, together with cuts and bruises to his face, arms and legs.


The car driver initially fled the scene of the accident but then returned later and gave his details to the police. The police also took statements from several witnesses who had seen the accident.


Notwithstanding the weight of evidence against the car driver, he denied liability for the accident and alleged he was fully established on the main road and that our client simply drove into him.


True Solicitors had no reason to disbelieve Mr. Y and so set about proving that he was not too blame by contacting the witnesses and obtaining full statements. We also arranged for Mr Y to be examined by an Orthopaedic Consultant so that we could assess the nature and extent of his injuries.


Court proceedings were necessary because the defendant’s insurance company would not put forward a reasonable offer. The case subsequently settled 2 weeks before trial with the defendant’s insurance company admitting their driver was at fault for the accident and paying full compensation for the claimant’s injuries, loss of earnings and damaged bike.

Cycle Claims
Mr. S
Cycling Accident

“Two Cycling Accidents in 4 Years”

Committed cyclist, Mr. S, instructed True Solicitors twice in the last 4 years after being knocked off his bike in two separate road accidents.

The first accident occurred when Mr. S was cycling to work on his Ribble – Gran Fondo road bike. He was crossing a traffic light controlled junction when a car that was travelling in the opposite direction turned right across his path and drove into him. It was a nasty accident with Mr. S being thrown onto the car bonnet before striking the windscreen and falling onto the road. He suffered multiple soft tissue injuries, his bike and helmet were destroyed, and his cycling clothes ruined.

True Solicitors agreed to act for Mr. S and quickly obtained an admission of liability from the car driver’s insurance company and an interim payment to cover the full cost of the written-off bike and his personal belongings.

We arranged for Mr. S to be examined by an orthopaedic consultant who prepared a report on the extent of his injuries and thereafter we negotiated an award that included the cost of his medical treatment and full compensation for his injuries.

The second accident was more serious. On that occasion Mr. S was cycling across a large roundabout when a car came onto the roundabout from his left and drove straight into him. Mr. S was thrown from his bike and landed heavily on the road sustaining significant facial injuries and soft tissue injuries to his neck, shoulder and back.

Although we were in no doubt about who caused the accident, it took the driver’s insurance company over 2 months to investigate the accident. During this period we worked with Mr. S to obtain evidence to show that his bike, a Cannondale CAAD 12 road bike, was damaged beyond repair – not that there was much doubt, and evidence to substantiate the replacement cost of his shattered helmet and damaged cycling clothes.

The insurance company eventually agreed their policyholder was entirely at fault and released an interim payment to cover the full cost of a replacement bike, medical expenses and ruined cycle clothes.

Meanwhile we arranged for Mr. S to be examined by two medical experts, a Consultant Maxillo-Facial Surgeon to assess the facial injuries, and a General Practitioner to assess the soft tissue injuries.

Following disclosure of the medical evidence we began negotiating with the defendant’s insurance company and were able to obtain a settlement that included full compensation for his injuries and outstanding losses.

Road Traffic Accident
Miss Summers
West Yorkshire
Road Traffic Accident

“I am so pleased to have settled my claim with the help of True Solicitors LLP. Their correspondence and professionalism was nothing short of excellent. They lifted a lot of pressure throughout the duration of my claim which was very reassuring. Thank you very much to everyone at True Solicitors who handled my claim.”

icon-truestories Clin Neg
Mr Sargent
West Sussex
Clinical Negligence

“Everything about this case was conducted in a most friendly and proficient way.”

icon-truestories Slip
Miss Diprose
East Sussex
Tripping Accident

“Kept up to date and informed. Over the moon with the outcome.”

Road Traffic Accident
Mrs Guest
East Sussex
Road Traffic Accident

“The personal care you receive. Quick response. Everything was always explained so it was easy to understand.”

Accident at work
Miss Stillman
Accident at Work

“I wasn’t confident in going against a large company even though I knew I was the innocent party. To have someone do it is a great relief.”

icon-truestories Slip
Mrs Jones
Tripping Accident

“Friendly communication with you and all your staff.”

Road Traffic Accident
Mr Oldridge
Road Traffic Accident

“Prompt service and  extreme helpfulness throughout.

Road Traffic Accident
Mr Emmerson
Road Traffic Accident

“Excellent communication and clear advice.”

icon-truestories Slip
Mrs Joan Wilson
Tripping Accident

“I would not have been able to do this alone. Thank you for all your help and guidance.”

Road Traffic Accident
Mrs Clare Andrew
Road Traffic Accident

“For most people when solicitors have to become involved it is a scary process. I was put at ease and made to feel I was in good hands.”

Accident at work
Ms Eileen McDermott
Accident at Work

“I really think that without your hard work my claim would not have succeeded, and I am extremely grateful.”

Road Traffic Accident
Mrs Susan Owen
Road Traffic Accident

“All solicitors are not made the same. True exceeded our expectations with their exceptional service.”

Road Traffic Accident
Mr Robert Burchell
Road Traffic Accident

“I was thrilled with the very quick responses every time I contacted you with a question or a concern.

The service was great and I’ve already recommended you to others.”

Road Traffic Accident
Miss Doreen Morris
Road Traffic Accident

“Genuine whiplash is very debilitating. It impacts on your independence as you have to rely on others to help when the pain is at its worst.

I think it’s a shame that there are chancers out there who make it uncomfortable to claim.”

Road Traffic Accident
Tammy Wakefield
Sutton in Ashfield
Road Traffic Accident

“My whiplash seriously impacted on my ability to work and, therefore, my income as I’d just become self-employed.

The frustration was overwhelming as this wasn’t my fault. I’d have had a hard time knowing what to do on my own so was incredibly grateful for all your help.”


Road Traffic Accident
Mrs. Leigh Hubble
Road Traffic Accident

“I claimed for my whiplash injury because it left me unable to work to the same degree as I used to or enjoy my usual lifestyle.

I’m glad medical checks are compulsory before being allowed to claim, it stops dishonest people who are just out to claim for no reason. We’re not all the same!”


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