House for Sale

Selling a property and moving home is for many a time of great excitement – but it can also be a daunting, and rather stressful experience; with so many things to remember, to organise and arrange it’s easy to forget and keep track of what you should be doing and when –  and that’s where a checklist can come in handy.

Selling a property is a stage by stage process and things go a lot smoother if these stages are known and you are prepared for them. Being unprepared or forgetting even simple tasks can cause costly, frustrating delays.  Have a look below at ten tips and memory joggers that may prove handy:


Conveyancing – The process of transferring the legal ownership of property or land from one person to another can be time consuming and complex, so you are advised to appoint a reputable conveyancing solicitor to represent you. The earlier in the process – the better.

Estate Agents

Before choosing an estate agent, your home should be ready for immediate viewings. Give your property kerb appeal – First impressions do count.

Home condition reports provide information about the overall condition of your property; helps put prospective buyers at ease to a degree, though most buyers will probably have their own survey carried out.

Communication avoids delays

Maintaining good communications with your conveyancing solicitor and estate agent will help ensure any issues that crop up, no matter how small, can be speedily addressed, ensuring a smooth transaction.

Ensure all funds are in place

Make sure your representatives have available any third party funding that may be required through the selling process.

Key Contacts – Notification of moving

Notify and up to date contact lists of change of address.

Completion date

Completion dates are usually set for around two weeks after the contract exchange date. Your conveyancing solicitor will inform your agent of when the purchaser’s money has been received. Organise your diary accordingly.

Try and avoid same day exchange and completion

If you’re in a chain of people moving properties then avoid where possible same day exchange, it needs only one person to have some sort of issue on the day for things to go drastically wrong.

Moving out

Use only the services of a reputable removal company. Furnishings and personal belongings are precious, often irreplaceable, so do your homework, ask questions, and ask for references. Make sure you get a written quote off anticipated charges: waiting times and any packing services included.

Meter readings

Remember to record and notify final utility meter readings to the relevant suppliers to avoid disputes at a later date.

Leaving day – a note to the new buyers

Preparing a note of welcome and basic information for the new owners is a courtesy.  Explaining where important things are, how they are switched on and off, how things work and how to set various appliances, such as boilers and heating systems, is useful and appreciated, and will go a long way when you are hoping for timely mail redirection.

TRUE conveyancing service is a simple, straight forward approach, designed to take the stress off your shoulders and place it onto ours. We guide you through the process of selling your property, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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